Crashworthiness CAE
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Crashworthiness CAE

Generalety provides the following services in vehicle


Generalety provides the following services in vehicle crashworthiness:

  • Finite Element Modeling of Vehicles for Crashworthiness Analysis
  • NCAP Frontal Impact
  • IIHS Side Impact
  • Rear Impact
  • Side Pole Impact
  • Roof Crush
  • Rollover
  • Material Database for Crashworthiness Analysis
  • Body Design for Crashworthiness
  • Material Selection Using Light Weight Materials
  • Stamping-Crash Analysis Integration
  • Air Bag Deployment
  • Occupant Safety

Crashworthiness analysis on full vehicles and subsystems are being conducted to evaluate their performances and optimize the structures to meet the various requirements.

Typical Projects include:

Full Frontal impact, offset frontal impact, rear impact, side impact, roll over simulation, roof crush test, slow speed bumper impact test, pendulum impact test on bumpers, bus body rollover and pendulum test (survival space evaluation) and pedestrian impact; Head impact on interiors, Door intrusion test, Seat belt anchorage test, Knee bolster characteristic optimization.

SUV Frontal Impact

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Crashed vehicle