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Current Position Opening: Mechanical Engineer Generalety is


Current Position Opening: Mechanical Engineer

Generalety is currently seeking a Mechanical engineer for automotive door and lighting FEA analyses. This position requires a background in Finite Element Method. You will be responsible for multiple CAE projects with a team. Must be familiar with CAE tools Hypermesh/Abaqus/LS-Dyna, and also must be good at static and dynamic related theories.

Job duties include:

  • Perform structural analysis of door soldiers using Hypermesh and ABAQUS.
  • Generate FEA report and provide redesign suggestions to reduce deflection and maximum tensile stress for customer.
  • Perform door latch gear impact and abuse condition analysis using LS-DYNA.
  • Determine housing separation force and provided DOE results of part strength and stiffness.
  • Conduct finite element modeling, stiffness, strength and fatigue life analyses of vehicle structures, crashworthiness and impact analyses, NVH analysis, thermal and fluid analyses.
  • Perform CAE structural and dynamic analysis by utilizing multiple CAE tools.
  • Create finite element model of automotive components by utilizing CAE pre-processing tools HyperMesh.
  • Assure finite element model mesh quality and build up error proof and lesson learned by optimizing the process.
  • Set up analysis models using Abaqus/ LS-Dyna and solve convergence issues timely and effectively.
  • Utilize CAE post-processing tool HyperView to judge results.
  • Generate clear and concise FEA reports for customer reviews.
  • Interpret the weakness of parts and provide redesign suggestions for customers based on the analysis results.
  • Align test results for simulation to test correlation.
  • Apply physical principles and theories to perform automotive lighting thermal and vibration analysis.
  • Conduct stiffness and strength analysis as necessary for vehicle safety concerns.

Educational requirement: BS in Mechanical Engineering or directly related field. Please submit your resume to for considerations.


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