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CAE Applications in Heavy Machines

Simulation Study Helps Lightweight design of Stationary Hydraulic Crusher

Keywords: Heavy Machinery, Lightweight, CAE, Vibration, Shock, Impact, Modal Analysis, Dymanic Stress, Point Mobility

The various stationary hydraulic crushers are widely used in quarrying, mining operations, waste material processing, commercial/industrial/municipal construction, and bridge/ tunnel construction, etc. A typical stationary hydraulic crusher is mainly composed of a base with its slewing gear, a boom, an arm, a connecting rod, a rocker, a hydraulic hammer, and attached driving cylinders.

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CAE Applications in Steelmaking Industry

NVH Analysis of Mold Oscillation Devices

Mold oscillation device is one of the most important systems within a continuous casting process, which is necessary to minimize friction /sticking of the solidifying shell, to avoid shell tearing /liquid steel breakouts, and to elimination of surface/internal defects in the cast product. In order to meet the increased demands on exact curve profile match, billet/slab quality, productivity and functional safety, a precise oscillation and a high level of flexibility with respect to profile, stroke, frequency and their optimal combination are definitely essential .

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NVH is an industry term that stands for noise, vibration and harshness. It is initially the study and modification of the noise and vibration behavior of vehicles, and has been extended to the analysis and research of the dynamic behavior and performance of any mechanical system with vibration and noise targets or issues.

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