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Generalety Stamping and Die Design Brochure

To assist our customers to reduce design & manufacturing costs, shorten time to market and improve quality by applying and advancing engineering technologies in automotive, stamping and construction industries.

Objectives of CAD/CAE
· Avoid Design Change after Production Launch
· Reduce Cost of Testing and Prototyping
· Reduce Production Cost
· Shorten Development Time
· Improve Performance and Quality
· Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customer Base
Chrysler, Ford, and over 50 automotive suppliers in tooling, stamping, raw materials and vehicle components.

Sheet Metal Stamping
· Progressive, Transfer, Stage Die Designs
· Binder, Addendum and Draw Developments 
· Process Design & Troubleshooting
· Press Capacity Evaluation
· Press Machine Design and Analysis 
· Blank Size Development and Nesting
· Material Cost Estimation
· Cost Reduction Strategies
· Tubular Bending and Hydroforming 
· Forming of Tailor Welded Blanks
· Forming of High Strength Steels
· Springback Estimation and Compensation 
· Forming of Laminated Materials

Vehicle Crashworthiness & Safety
· NCAP Frontal Impact                    · IIHS Side Impact                    · Rear Impact
· Side Pole Impact                          · Roof Crush                             · Rollover
· Body Structural Design                 · Material Database
· Selection of Light Weight Materials
· Design for Cost and Weight Reductions
· Manufacturing Effect on Crashworthiness Performances

Vehicle Durability
· Linear Stress Analysis                              · Nonlinear Stress Analysis
· Analysis of Drum Drop Test                      · Analysis of Palm Print
· Analysis of Seatbelt Pull                           · Analysis of Dent Resistance
· Analysis of Oil Canning                             · Fatigue Life Analysis 
· Manufacturing Effect on Structural Performance 
· Material Selection for Light Weight Vehicle Design

Vehicle NVH
· Mode Analysis (Normal, Operating, MPF)
· Static/Dynamic Stiffness Evaluation
· Noise Performance
· Shock/Boom Performances
· Beaming and Aftershake Performances
· Mobility Evaluation/Analysis

Outsourcing Services
· Low cost tools and dies      · Low cost stamping parts     · Low cost materials

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