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              2012 SAE World Congress - Call For Papers

Session M103: Advanced Analysis, Design, and Optimization of Materials, Restraints, and Structures for Enhanced Automotive Safety and Weight Reduction
Professor Jwo Pan, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Professor William Altenhof, University of Windsor
Dr. Sheng-Dong Liu, Generalety, LLC
Dr. Guofei Chen, US Steel Corporation
Dr. Wei Li, General Motors
Dr. Tau Tyan, Ford Motor Company

Papers with an emphasis on, but not limited to, innovative ideas to enhance automotive safety with improved material constitutive modeling, analysis methods, simulation and pre/post processing tools, optimization techniques, finite element model updating, model validation and verification techniques, restraint systems, as well as lightweight material applications and designs are highly encouraged. 
TOPICS OF INTEREST (including, but not limited to):

    • Material constitutive laws: enhanced yield surfaces, strain hardening, strain rates and failure criteria.
    • Modeling of traditional steels, advanced and ultra high strength steels, next generation high strength steels, aluminum, magnesium, plastics, composites, rubbers, nylon inserts, honeycomb materials, new lightweight materials, hybrid materials, fabrics, leathers, carpets, foams, woods, adhesives, adult and child human tissues and organs (bone, flesh, brain, etc.).
    • Material model development for anthropomorphic test devices.
    • Forming simulations, including traditional and high rate forming processes, and mapping of forming results for crashworthiness analysis.
    • Modeling of material microstructure evolution in multi-stage processing operations to predict macroscopic material behavior.  Material failure modeling techniques.


    • Analysis, design, and optimization of vehicle structures for crash safety (front, side, rear, roof strength, interior head, pedestrian protection, fuel system integrity, door openability, vehicle crash response for sensor algorithm development, etc.) and impacts.
    • Modeling of dummies, human finite element models (adults and children as occupants and/or pedestrians), pedestrians, deformable barriers, and roadside hardware.
    • Advanced modeling of vehicle components, including, but not limited to, fuel tanks, tank straps, tires, hydro (engine/body) mounts, suspensions, joints, steering systems, door latch mechanisms, and wheels.

Modeling Tools/Methods

    • Advancements in non-linear quasi-static/dynamic/implicit/explicit simulation tools as well as pre- and post- processing tools.
    • Meshless, meshfree, mesh independent, adaptive re-mesh, EFG, X-FEM/G-FEM/PUM, etc. methods. 
    • ALE, Eulerian, SPH, CPM, FVM, PFEM, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Implicit/Explicit coupling, etc. methods.
    • Finite element model updating through coupling with experimental testing observations.
    • Mechanics, mathematical, numerical and simplified lumped parameter modeling.
    • Finite element model validation and verification techniques.


    • Analysis, design, and optimization of restraint systems such as air bags, air curtains, bolsters, seat belts, and so on.
    • Analysis and correlation of dummy, restraint system and structure for front, side, rear and rollover test conditions as well as component, sub-system/sled and full vehicle environments.
    • Air bag and curtain folding and dummy position techniques.
    • Infant, toddler, and child restraint systems and advancement of these types of occupant restraints.

Lightweight Vehicles

    • Analysis, design, and optimization of lightweight vehicle materials, components, structures, and architectures for improved crash safety and fuel economy performances.


    • Titles & Abstracts to SAE due June 1st, 2011 submitted through SAE website via SAE MyTechZone http://www.sae.org/congress/techprogram/cfp.htm. If you do not have a user ID, you can create one, please make sure you select the Session Topic for Advanced Analysis, Design and Optimization of Materials, Restraints, and Structures for Enhanced Automotive Safety and Weight Reduction.
    • Drafts to Organizers for review due Sep. 30, 2011.
    • Final manuscript to SAE due January, 2012. (Sent to SAE and the Session Organizers)
    • 2012 SAE World Congress, Cobo Center, Detroit, Michigan, USA, April 24-26, 2012.


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